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No Price Too Great for “Me!” by Matt Caron, M.ED, ACE

We’ve all been there.
We embark, with great enthusiasm, on a fitness program to finally get in shape. Yet, at some point, during this seeming endless journey, our motivation fades, our schedules don’t seem to allow the “me” time we first imagined; our results flatten and we become stagnant with our fitness program. The wedding, class reunion, or great summer vacation which presented the catalyst for this fitness endeavor has come and gone and the last thing we feel like doing is climbing aboard that treadmill or elliptical trainer! Now what?

Of course we are fully aware of the need to get in better shape. We feel those few extra pounds resulting from a summer of indulgence. Or there’s that nagging shoulder pain and sore back that seems to resurface. The desire is there to get in better shape. Every time we walk past the mirror we say to ourselves, “I really should get back to the gym…I’ll start on Monday” or “Maybe I will go for a walk when I get home from work or the store.” However, let’s face it… on our own, we simply cannot get the need and desire together, delaying our efforts toward the consistency needed to achieve the results we expect. Many people are employing the services of a personal fitness trainer in an effort to overcome this issue. Those serious about improving their fitness realize the necessity of a personal trainer.

There are several great reasons that justify the expense of utilizing the services of a personal trainer.

Accountability: When faced with the choice of working out, even if it only means going to the basement of our home, we will likely find some distraction to prevent us from completing the workout. On the other hand, knowing we have paid hard earned money for a session and that someone at the gym is waiting for us creates a sense of responsibility driving us to get to that session; even if initial self-motivation is not there. Besides, the satisfying feeling of a good workout completed will be validation of a decision well-made.

Program Development: A quality personal trainer will meet with us prior to the first session to discuss previous exercise history, and to learn of any medical issues that could affect the design of a fitness program. Your trainer will help layout specific short term (four to six months) and long term (twelve to eighteen months) goals. Your trainer will use this information to design a personalized fitness program; allowing you to hit the ground running from the first session.

Proper Program Progression: One of the greatest benefits working with a personal trainer affords us is the confidence in knowing that the exercises we are performing are helping us to achieve our previously set goals. At some point we have all found a workout either online or in a magazine. The exercises look like something we can do on our own. And so we give it a try. But, are we performing the exercises correctly? Are we using the intended muscles? Are the exercises we saw the best choices for us to most successfully reach our intended goals? These are just a few of the many questions that can be avoided by working with a professional personal trainer.

Push for Success: Being able to push ourselves beyond what we think is possible, or having the confidence to increase the weights on our exercises can be a daunting task when working out on our own. A personal trainer will safely guide us through every repetition of each exercise; while providing the respective amount of motivation, to help push us further than we would on your own. It is this kind of direction that will allow us to most efficiently move forward toward our goals.

By holding us accountable for each workout session and properly developing, evaluating and maintaining our fitness program, personal trainers confirm their value every training session. In a time when getting the most for our dollar is of the utmost importance, the investment in a personal trainer will not only make us feel good now, but will continue to pay healthy dividends for years to come.

Matt Caron is the Vice President of Marketing for Personal Training Professionals. He received his Bachelors of Science degree in Applied Exercise Science as well as a Masters of Education in Health Promotion & Wellness Management from Springfield College in Springfield Massachusetts. Mr. Caron also holds a personal training certification through ACE.