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Julie Kennedy, Certified Pilates Instructor

Julie was Certified by Power Pilates in New York City. Julie takes pride in keeping up with the trends in the industry through workshops and seminars while sticking to the fundamental principles of Joseph Pilates. Her years of experience as an instructor makes her proficient at dealing with all types of clients, injuries and goals. Julie strives to make all of her clients feel comfortable. You will find Julie training days and nights in the studio moving and motivating.


Beginner and Intermediate Mat Certified through Power Pilates N.Y.C

Fully Certified on all Apparatus through Power Pilates, N.Y.C

Workshops and Specialties

New Year, New Body, The Total Body Cleanse

Aspects of Touch

Bio-Mechanical Principles of the Pilates Workout

Cadillac Progressions

Scapula Stabilization & the Secondary Power House

Anatomy & Biomechanics of the Human Body

Learn & Practice 7 Intermediate Level Exercises

Enchanted Wunda Chair

Intermediate Teaching Tools for Mat Class

How to Teach Beginner Exercises for Mat

Reformer on the Mat

Creative Spine Corrector

Real Men Do Pilates

Super-Advanced Reformer